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We transform your beloved garments into new, useful items – keeping them from the landfill & continuing their story.Learn more about our process Let’s go shopping!

Work for an organization with surplus clothing?

Reborn transforms organizations’ surplus event t-shirts and dated promotional items into a unique line of upcycled products for internal use or resale. We’d love to discuss how we can upcycle goods and clothing at scale.

Latest News

Sustainable Solutions: One Tote at a Time

Reborn Partners with Sunbrella Fabrics Reborn is excited to begin a new journey with our most recent partner – Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella is a North Carolina-based fabric manufacturer that has provided innovative, quality products for over 50 years. As a world-class pioneer in the fabric manufacturing business, Sunbrella provides products ranging …

Raleigh’s Reborn Clothing Allows Surplus Threads To Embrace A New Life

Reborn has expanded on its original vision and now also works with textile brands including Triad-based Sunbrella Fabrics. Reborn is averaging $15,000 in monthly revenue, but Neville wants to get that to $80K/month (almost $1M annually) a year from now.“I love this company,” Neville said. “I definitely started it with …

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