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We transform your beloved garments into new, useful items – keeping them from the landfill & continuing their story.Learn more about our process Let’s go shopping!

Work for an organization with surplus clothing?

Reborn transforms organizations’ surplus event t-shirts and dated promotional items into a unique line of upcycled products for internal use or resale. We’d love to discuss how we can upcycle goods and clothing at scale.

Latest News

Bringing Scrunchies Back, Sustainably.

Our Zero Waste Collection was born out of our own problems with textile waste. Just like every textile brand, we have wasted material from the cutting and manufacturing process. When tees come in to our facility, the sleeves and bottom might be cut to form the pattern needed for a …

Davis Furniture Celebrates 75 Years with Sustainable Reborn Totes

Reborn For Business  If you haven't checked out our business page yet, you're missing out. We receive an interesting and diverse range of business inquiries, from transforming an organizations' surplus tees, to a new university partner, or an inquiry into purchasing sustainable giveaways for an upcoming event. Our team is always …

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