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We transform your beloved garments into new, useful items – keeping them from the landfill & continuing their story.Learn more about our process Let’s go shopping!

Work for an organization with surplus clothing?

Reborn transforms organizations’ surplus event t-shirts and dated promotional items into a unique line of upcycled products for internal use or resale. We’d love to discuss how we can upcycle goods and clothing at scale.

Latest News


A Partnership that Paws it Forward

Reborn is excited to partner with Nomaco foam manufacturers on a new line of upcycled dog beds. Dog lovers can unite for the launch of ResQ dog beds on November 1st. Soon your pups will be lounging on dog beds that give fabric, foam and Fido a second chance.  The

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Big Blue Devil News!

Reborn is excited to announce a licensing agreement with Duke University.   Duke, known for being selective and restrictive in granting licensing, has worked hard to ensure that their reputation is upheld. With their exclusivity, they’ve made efforts to select a few, trusted companies to preserve the Blue Devil name. 

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