In 2017, Reborn Clothing Co. Founder and CEO Emily Neville was a sophomore at NC State when she realized there was an upcycling gap in the textile industry. What first started as a way for individuals to get clothing out from the back of their closets and made into new products quickly uncovered a massive opportunity for textile waste reduction on a larger scale. Today, Reborn has grown to offer sustainable solutions to organizations of all sizes. Operating from manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Reborn works with top brands and institutions to transform surplus branded apparel and textile waste into enduring products for every lifestyle. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, Reborn enables green initiatives and fuels our domestic economy. 

Leadership Team

Emily Neville

Founder & CEO

Julie Biggs

Vice President of Growth

Deserie Lawrence

Vice President of Marketing

Dianna Hughes

Director of Public Relations & Social Media

Devin Connare

Director of Product Development

Hoping to join the Reborn team?

Reborn is currently only accepting applications for brand ambassadors. But if you’d like us to keep your info on file for the future, reach out to let us know who you are and what makes you a good fit for the Reborn team.

Our Process

Discover how Reborn transforms garments and textiles into new, useful items – keeping them from the landfill & continuing their story.