High school memories reborn

Do you have a graduating senior who has a whole closet-full of favorite t-shirts? Not ready to donate or see them tossed out? We’ve got you. Reborn Closet has partnered with Cary Academy to offer customized products made from your student’s beloved tees!

Our Process

step 1 - Shop

Step 1

Have your student choose a product. Options include a cleverly upcycled pet bandana, pillowcase or quilt, each one proudly displaying memories from their very own tees

Step 2 - Gather Tees

Step 2

Have your student gather their most memorable tees in the amount specified for the product they chose: Pet Bandana: 1-2 tees, Pillowcase: 4-8 tees, or Memory Quilt: 13-25 tees.
Step 3 - School

Step 3

Make sure your graduate brings their tees into the Cary Academy bookstore by May 31. All orders will be shipped together to our production center after this date.
Step 4 - New

Step 4

In 1-2 months, your student will receive their freshly upcycled school gear in the mail. Get ready to do some happy unboxing (and tag us in the video when you do)!

Pick your Product

Order here from one of the product options below. Then, bring the required number of tees into school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of delays that this request would cause in our manufacturing, we are unable to accommodate requests for review/approval before production. But, we do allow space for you to specify any important logos you’d like showcased on your product! Be sure to make note of this during your checkout when asked.
The good news is that we have a variety of products that you can choose from – each one with a different t-shirt number required. Some of our products even offer a range rather than a single number of tees. If you do not have enough tees once your order arrives in production, someone from our team will reach out to you to see if we can supplement with fabric in-house or have you send in the difference.

Your first update will happen when your tees arrive and are “checked in” at our production facility. The next time you hear from us will be once your order is shipped. (We’re just as excited as you are!) If you have any questions or haven’t received an update after 10 days of mailing your tees in, please reach out to us at inquiries@rebornclothing.co

Once you’ve received the update that your tees have arrived at our facility, please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion/shipping notification to arrive. If you have any questions or haven’t received an update after 3 weeks of the first update, please reach out to us at inquiries@rebornclothing.co

Have More Questions?

NC State Quilt

Fan Feedback

“NC State was the first place where I felt like I was home. I spent 5 amazing years there and earned 2 degrees. I also went to countless events and racked up a ton of free t-shirts that I love but never wear! Especially as a textiles major, I started feeling guilty about all the textile waste I was collecting. Enter Reborn Clothing! I’m so excited to upcycle my NC State shirts and get something that will remind me of my amazing memories as a member of the Wolfpack.”