Reborn Turns Surplus Race Tees into New Products

We recently had the opportunity to transform hundreds of surplus race shirts into new products for Krispy Kreme Challenge. Races run into this problem every year because they preorder race day shirts a few months before the race. Whatever is not picked up or sold becomes surplus outdated shirts. This year, for its fifteenth year, […]

Reborn Upcycles University Surplus Apparel

NC State Licensing We started with a simple vision in mind: give consumers an upcycling option for their sentimental clothing. Soon after, we discovered that the university system creates an enormous amount of surplus branded apparel each year. In the spring of 2018, departments at NC State reached out to Reborn to take boxes of […]

Reborn’s First Birthday

To our loyal supporters, followers, and clients, Thank you for supporting Reborn Clothing Co. over the past year. Without you, we would not be here today. One year ago, Reborn officially launched for the Raleigh community with a kick-off party at Liquid State! I started this company with a simple mission in mind: to give […]

Move-In: Our Company HQ

Things have been moving and shaking at Reborn recently. If you are on our newsletter, then you know that we have had two events and moved into our new headquarters/cut and sew facility in the span of two weeks. That’s not to say that we’ve not been carefully curating your products and working on other […]

The True Reborn Value

With any innovation comes doubt. The sustainable textiles industry is no stranger to this response. As we develop more products and source reused materials, we also attract a lot of questions. Why does it cost this much? Why does it take this long? Why wouldn’t I buy something brand new? We’re not discouraged by these […]

Chapter 19: Born to Be You

Comparison. We’re all guilty of it. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves – sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. This week, we’re focusing on body image, self esteem, and self-worth and how it relates to the fashion industry and the media. The average size and height of an […]

Chapter 17: Our Team and You

A startup is not easy, by any means. It is not a 9 to 5, it is not 40 hours a week, and it is definitely not something you can “leave at work.” Just ask our founder and CEO, Emily. A startup will keep you up late at night and have you up early in […]

Chapter 15: Made in USA

Reborn Clothing Co. designs and manufacturers quality products in Raleigh, NC. It’s July, and after Independence Day, Americanism is on our minds and should also be in our wallets. Purchasing Made in USA has wonderful benefits to consumers, to the economy, and to the nation. After the Revolutionary War in the 1770s, Americans began to […]