Chapter 14: Wool

Reborn Clothing Co. is committed to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our business and, of course, that extends to the places you will never see, like the interior of our pillows. After you send in your sentimental clothing to be made into pillows, we use the wool and heavy fabric scrap materials to make […]

Chapter 13: The Startup World

“I think I’ll start a company” was never anything I said.  It just happened one day.  One day, I was thinking of ideas for updates I could make to my own closet, which led to thinking about how others who lacked the resources or skills to do it might still like to have this done […]

Chapter 12: Meet The Team!

Hey guys! For Chapter 12 of our blog, we are bringing you another post in our Meet The Team series. This week we are introducing a critical member of our team. Meet Emma, our Product Development Designer! Emma Wang Education: North Carolina State University, Class of 2018 Major: Fashion and Textile Design Hometown: Macungie, Pennsylvania    Q: What […]

Chapter 10: Purchasing Power

When engaging in ethical practices in business, you have to understand what drives UNethical practices in business: money. Plain and simple, money. Because no one wants to shell out extra cash when what they want is available, at a cheaper price point.  The general rule is that the factory that can provide the lowest price point […]

Chapter 9: [sus·tain·able]

Sustainability. What’s all the rage about? Sustainability, by definition, is the “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.” Our earth, which gives and gives and gives, is being depleted as we pollute the air and water, clearcut forests, fill landfills and more. Now you might think, there’s not […]

Chapter 8: Denim Revival

Everyone has that ONE pair of jeans. You know which ones we’re talking about. You’ve had them for years, and they’re worn in just enough, so they still fit perfectly. They somehow look good with every outfit, so they’re your go-to and you end up wearing them 4 days out of a week. But it’s […]

Chapter 7: What’s All This Upcycling About?

Upcycling is a word we really like to throw around here at Reborn, but it’s a relatively new concept.  So, let’s break it down.  When you give us your clothing to make it into a product for you, we’re adding value to that garment. Before it reached us, it was worth almost nothing. It wasn’t […]

Chapter 6: Reborn Revolution

This week marked five years since the garment building collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,138 people. This was an enormous tragedy that resulted in the death and injuries of garment workers who spent their livelihoods making your clothes.   Sadly, this event is only one horrific example of ongoing practices in the fashion industry. Fashion […]

Chapter 5: DIY Closet Makeover

Hello sustainability-supporting-friends! As you may know, last Saturday Reborn hosted a DIY event at our workplace, Loading Dock Raleigh. It was an incredibly fun time bringing together the community for an opportunity to upcycle some old clothing and teach people about textile waste, and our role in reducing it. We were able to hang out […]