From Linear to Circular: Breaking Bad Habits

Today’s Cycle The way in which society consumes products and empowers economies changes by the century. This is a direct reflection of new inventions making products faster to manufacture and easier to buy. With the creation of easy manufacturing of single use plastics and mass production of clothing in the

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Whether You Upcycle or Recycle: Clothes Aren’t Trash

This Old Thing Old clothing can become a hassle to try and recycle. You do a lot of searching, which quickly turns to frustration, and your mind immediately goes to throwing it away. We don’t always understand the consequences of tossing unwanted textiles.  It may be out of sight, out

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One More Shirt: Our Efforts toward Accessible Sustainable Fashion

The Current Facts   U.S. consumers generate approximately 35.4 billion pounds of textiles (which includes bedding, clothing, etc) each year. Of those textiles, according to the Council for Textile Recycling, approximately 83 percent enters landfills. The other 17 percent is recycled or upcycled. The Power of One Shirt Often, the

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