Reborn Clothing Co. started with a simple idea: Give consumers an upcycling option for their closet. After a few months, we realized this idea didn’t apply to just consumers, but organizations of all sizes.

We first increased our impact by licensing with NC State University. After transforming hundreds of surplus branded apparel and promotional items into higher-value products, we’ve expanded to work with other schools and companies.

Together, Reborn and our partners are keeping textile waste out of the landfill by designing and manufacturing accessories, totes, apparel, linens, and even dog beds.

If you need a sustainable and unique partnership for your organization’s surplus textiles, Reborn is the right partner for you. Contact us today to get started.

Interested in a sampler or a large order?

Reborn transforms organizations’ surplus event t-shirts and dated promotional items into a unique line of upcycled products for internal use or resale. If you are interested in producing a sampler or placing a large order, use our contact form to get in touch.

Our Partners


We’ve taken what we’ve learned from colleges and universities and are making new partnerships with forward-thinking companies. We’re working with organizations interested in taking what has no worth and creating value from it. We’re doing it again and again, for larger brands and larger quantities, all while still maintaining our high-quality standards.

Brand Fuel teamed up with Reborn Clothing Co. to reduce the promotional product industry’s environmental footprint. Together, we repurpose surplus and outdated t-shirts to bring them back to life.

Decibel Management recognized the tremendous waste in the event management industry and for their clients. Together, with our RBD Process, we turn outdated and surplus material into useful, lasting items.

The folks at Red Bull give wings to entrepreneurs and change-makers—and their ideas. Reborn gathers surplus from Red Bull teams in the Carolinas to create new, reimagined pieces.

Sunbrella produces outdoor shade solutions, indoor upholstery, and boat canvases. Reborn crafts Sunbrella’s remnants into one-of-a-kind totes.


When we discovered that universities create enormous amounts of surplus branded apparel, we saw an opportunity to extend our vision of upcycling clothing. With collegiate licensing secured, we’re creating brand new goods from material otherwise destined for the landfill.

Note: Our website doesn’t feature all of the collegiate collections. Some of our partners only sell through their campus bookstores. Having a hard time finding your favorites? Reach out to us, and we’ll see how we can help.

Organizational Sustainability

We help companies reduce their environmental footprint. While we are open to companies of all shapes and sizes, we’re focused on textile brands. Every fashion brand contributes to the industry’s rank as second highest polluter on the planet. Nearly every step of a textile product creates waste. In design, one or two yards of sample fabric are ordered before committing to a full run of thousands of yards. Waste is also generated during manufacturing and, of course, at the end of the product’s life, through customer returns, deadstock inventory, or worn garments. 

We’ve entered into exciting partnerships where we find innovative methods to reuse textile waste. With every partner, we discover what product best fits the brand’s recurring deadstock. The end result?  Exceptional products that solve a problem. Our products are functional, beautiful, and ready to begin their second life.