Reborn + Sunbrella Zipper Pouch – Aquamarine


Aquamarine + AquamarineAquamarine + AquamarineAquamarine + AquamarineAquamarine + Blue TweedAquamarine + Blue TweedAquamarine + Blue TweedAquamarine + Blue VelvetAquamarine + Blue VelvetAquamarine + Blue Velvet

The Reborn + Sunbrella Zipper Pouch serves as the perfect clutch to carry on your brunch date or as a catch-all bag for organizing the loose items in your purse. The Zipper Pouch features a removable tassel and metal zipper. Each pouch is one-of-a-kind, so act fast!

Reborn is upcycling thousands of pounds of surplus marine-grade Sunbrella fabric to create ultra-durable (but still ultra-chic) beach bags, totes and zipper pouches. The best part? Each item in this collection is totally unique.

Like Reborn, Sunbrella is a North Carolina-based fabric manufacturer. For over 50 years, Sunbrella has developed innovative, quality materials for products ranging from residential and commercial outdoor shade solutions to indoor upholstery and boat canvases. When you shop Reborn + Sunbrella, you can be sure that you’re getting a product with a classic look that’s going to last for years, whether you’re using it for trips to the farmers market or adventures on the coast.

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Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × .5 in
Sunbrella Zipper Pouch Pattern

Aquamarine + Aquamarine, Aquamarine + Blue Tweed, Aquamarine + Blue Velvet, Aquamarine + Dotted Lines, Aquamarine + Paisley, Aquamarine + Textured Stripes, Basil + Black Stripe, Basil + Navy Shapes, Basil + Raised Blocks, Basil + Shapes, Basil + White Crosshatch, Capri + B/W Waves, Capri + Block Stripes, Capri + Blue Dual Stripe, Capri + Blue Fade Stitch, Capri + Blue Multi Stripe, Capri + Blue Multi-pattern, Capri + Blue Multistripe, Capri + Blue Ocean, Capri + Blue Shape (Center), Capri + Blue Shape Right, Capri + Blue Shape Sides, Capri + Blue Shapes, Capri + Blue Static, Capri + Blue Tweed, Capri + Blue Tweed Stripe, Capri + Bright Tartan, Capri + Brown Crosshatch, Capri + Capri Herringbone, Capri + Checkered Lines, Capri + Deco Black, Capri + Deco Brown, Capri + Deco Purple, Capri + Diamond Stripe, Capri + Diamond Stripe (Right), Capri + Faded Paisley, Capri + Geo Multishape, Capri + Geo Stripe, Capri + Geometric Chain, Capri + Geometric Cross, Capri + Geometric Cross (Reversed), Capri + Gold Diamond Stripe, Capri + Gold Shade, Capri + Gray Diamond Stripe, Capri + Gray Raised Blocks, Capri + Green Crosshatch, Capri + Green Tweed Stripe, Capri + Multicolor Tartan, Capri + Navy Horizontal Lines, Capri + Orange Stitch, Capri + Peacock Texture, Capri + Raised Blocks, Capri + Red Block Stripe, Capri + Red Geo Stripe Side, Capri + Red/Blue Geo Stripe, Capri + Red/Blue Geo Stripe (Full), Capri + Shapes, Capri + Turquoise Crosshex, Capri + White Crosshatch, Capri + White Diamond Solo Stripe, Capri + White Diamond Stripes, Capri + White Raised Blocks, Capri +Orange Texture, Capri +Pink Flower, Navy + Blue Dot, Navy + Gray Geometric, Red + Art Deco Red and Blue, Red + Gray Geometric, Red + Multi-colored Stripe, Red + Raised Blocks, Tusan + Block Stripe, Tuscan + Art Deco Orange, Tuscan + Gray Dots, Tuscan + Orange Shape Bottom, Tuscan + Orange Shape Top

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