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Our Partnership

Since 2018, Reborn has worked with universities to reduce fabric waste on a major scale, and now we’re joining forces! Reborn takes surplus t-shirts, athletic jerseys and dated promotional items from East Carolina University that are destined to collect dust, or worse—wind up in a landfill—and upcycles them into unique new products.

Join the Reborn East Carolina University Brand Ambassador Program

Reborn needs energetic, motivated students to help carry out our mission at East Carolina University!

Other Ways to Shop

Whether you’re shopping with us or shopping in person at a campus outfitter — you’re supporting Reborn and our sustainable products!

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516 Cotanche St, Greenville, NC 27858

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Our Reborn Ambassadors keep you in the loop on all things Reborn from sustainability tips and tricks to the latest product launches and campus events.

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